Futurologist, Strategy & Innovation Advisor, Speaker.


Steered by a passion for technology's
influence on society.

Rooted at the intersection of policymaking, technological innovation, and societal change, my work is both a reflection and catalyst of transformative shifts. In an era of rapid technological advancements and evolving human behaviour, I provide guidance, ensuring organizations and policymakers grasp these shifts and position themselves strategically for sustainable rejuvenating growth.

Harnessing the power of groundbreaking technologies like AI, IoT, and quantum computing, I delve into their vast potential for reshaping both businesses and societies. From streamlining operations to revolutionizing customer journeys, my role is to help decode and elucidate their transformative impact. My keynotes are designed not just to share knowledge but to ignite curiosity, kindle inspiration, and illuminate future pathways. When you collaborate with me as an advisor, it's not merely a transaction of insights; together, we embark on a meaningful journey towards a brighter, technologically enriched future.


Captivating Insights, Dynamic Inspiration

I believe that every audience, every client, has unique aspirations and challenges. It's with this understanding that I approach my keynotes—eschewing one-size-fits-all presentations in favour of tailored experiences. Humbly drawing from my journey and learnings, I endeavour to align my insights with your specific needs, hoping to spark meaningful reflection and transformative action.

As such, my keynotes cover the following topics and areas:

Harnessing transformative technologies for business success

Understand the magnitude of emerging and transformative technologies such as AI, IoT, VR/AR, cloud & quantum computing, blockchain, 5G, edge computing, genomics, new energy solutions, and others. Uncover their potential to redefine your business, from optimizing operations to reinventing customer interactions.

Decoding business trends: steering leadership in a digital world

Navigate the nuanced landscapes of digital leadership influenced by political, societal, and technological shifts impacting business facets. From hybrid work dynamics to the prowess of algorithmic intelligence, filter out the noise to identify genuine trends, integrate cutting-edge technologies, cultivate a culture of innovation, and bolster vital stakeholder relationships. All this while devising agile strategies for success in our ever-evolving milieu.

Regenerative business operations in the digital age

Delve into the transformative role of technology alongside strategic thinking, especially AI, in fortifying business resilience and sculpting narratives. Design operations poised to endure challenges like economic downturns and technological disruptions, and to capitalize on them, ensuring remarkable growth and broader societal benefits in their wake.

Dialogue & data: the dual pathways for brand building

In an era where meaningful engagement and insights-driven strategies reign supreme, understand the power of dialogue complemented by data analytics. Dive deep into harnessing genuine conversations to foster brand loyalty, while leveraging data insights to tailor experiences, ensuring a brand's resonance with its audience in the most authentic and impactful manner.

Smarter infrastructure: the fusion of physical and digital realms

Delve into the next frontier of infrastructure, where the convergence of IoT, sensors, and data analytics erases boundaries and minimizes friction. Envision urban and rural landscapes transformed, crafting seamless experiences by merging tangible infrastructures with their digital counterparts. In this new era, our built environments evolve to be more adaptive, responsive, and in tune with both technological advancements and natural ecosystems.

Ethical compass: navigating emerging and Jolting technologies

Explore the profound ethical conundrums ushered in by AI and digital innovations. Champion a culture accentuating ethical adoption, rigorous risk aversion, and unwavering equity. As technology continues to redefine our societal norms, prioritize embedding values that ensure the harmonious coexistence of innovation and morality.

Globalization and digital geopolitics

Probe into the intricate realm of digital geopolitics. Unravel its depths to seize the vast potential it offers. Deftly navigate the complex nuances of our progressively interconnected global landscape, and as nations and enterprises redefine their digital boundaries, understand the imperative of strategic foresight in this rapidly shifting geopolitical matrix.


Crafting Experiences, Delivering Value

In my advisory sessions, I offer insights gleaned from my experiences, hoping to collaboratively navigate the challenges and possibilities of the business realm. Together, we can chart a course towards a brighter, tech-informed future.

  • Strategic journey & business model Innovation

    Craft and align business models with strategic aims, unlocking new growth avenues and enhancing organizational value.

  • Leadership and technological integration in the digital era

    Harness emerging technologies to achieve sustainable and reliant growth and gain a competitive edge through digital transformation strategies.

  • innovation culture & organizational growth

    Embed a culture that fosters innovation, promoting a blend of creativity, testing, and team collaboration.

  • executive coaching

    Sharpen leadership acumen with tailored coaching that bolsters personal advancement and organizational excellence.

To learn more about my services, head to TEMPUS.MOTU Advisory Services.

Few of my clients over the years

MasterCard | FT | IFC | Master and Robots | ICAN | Government of Kazakhstan | Siemens | QRTECH | The World Bank | AIB | BoAML | Hyper Island | mobilityXlab | Volvo cars | Concawe | BIBA | Business Sweden | Hack for Sweden | CIP | EIG | ISF | International Business School | EON | Sofico | Telefónica | TeraData | Swedish Institute | Göteborg's University | Chalmers University | IDG | Municipality of Murcia | BCG | McKinsey | Polpharma Biologics | Volkswagen | European Casino Association | Satellic | Citywire

About me

The future isn’t a mere
it’s our own construct

I often describe myself as a 'professional troublemaker.' It's a playful nod to my unwavering commitment to challenging established norms and sparking transformative change. This title resonates deeply with my early realizations in high school, where I discerned that the education system often rewards conformity at the expense of genuine curiosity. Such insights didn't thwart my spirit, but instead bolstered my drive to view the world through a unique, questioning lens.

For over two decades, driven by a passion to envision the future and uncover potential advancements, I have ventured into uncharted territories, persistently pushing boundaries and acquiring new techniques and expertise. This unconventional curiosity has set the stage for a career centred on the intricate interplay of technology, society, and human behaviour.

My journey in the professional realm has been nothing short of fascinating, delving deep into the ramifications of technology on society and human dynamics. As a strategist, futurist, and speaker, I've had the privilege of collaborating with and shaping digital strategies for industry stalwarts like Volvo Cars, Microsoft, and Ericsson. Every role I've embraced has expanded my horizons, refining my ability to spearhead meaningful innovations in today's rapidly digitizing world.

Further, enriching my journey have been my associations with respected organizations such as MasterCard, Siemens, The World Bank, and various governmental entities. Each partnership has deepened my understanding of the emerging trends, ensuring that I bring a wealth of insight and perspective to every collaborative venture.

But my engagement doesn't end with corporate collaborations. I am deeply invested in researching and sharing insights through writing, thereby contributing to the vibrant discourse surrounding the symbiosis between technology and society. I don't merely observe the evolving future; I am an active participant in its shaping. My primary goal? To underscore the myriad ways' technology can be harnessed for the collective benefit of society.

In essence, my vision draws deeply from the timeless dance between past, present, and imagined futures. With an unwavering gaze set upon the horizon, I seek to collaboratively weave the tapestry of tomorrow. Through bespoke offerings, eloquent discourses, and contemplative conversations, I endeavour to be a compass for souls and entities navigating the intricate web of our ever-transforming reality.


Writing is the painting
of the voice;
a silent symphony of words
that speaks volumes.

I write primarily for personal fulfillment; it's my form of therapy to sift through life's chaos and find clarity. I invite you to download a free copy of my books. If they're not to your liking, feel free to simply delete them. No strings attached. However, if you find value in my words and wish to support my journey as an author, I'd be grateful if you could hop onto Amazon and purchase a copy. Your support means the world to me.

The Intellectual Rage

The Intellectual Rage. The underground, unfiltered guide to corporate innovation & bullshit. A.K.A. Navigating the psychology of innovation in a world of sociopaths, psychopaths and other monsters.

This is not a long book, it's also not a short one. Come to think about it, this is not a book at all, but rather a (mis)guided journey.

Over the years, I have heard many definitions of what innovation is. It's a process, it's a culture, it's a department, it's a bird, it's a train, it's a man, it's superman.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books and articles written about innovation every year. They all use big words to try to sell you on the author's way of thinking about innovation.

The Prophet

A philosophical perspective on technology, innovation, the evolution of humanity and life.

In a nutshell, this book is the “Thinker's Guide to a Chuckle.” Imagine innovation as a ballroom, with ideas and insights waltzing and foxtrotting to the time-honoured tune of human ingenuity. It's a sprightly dance-off between the sagely and the silly, where the neurons don't just spark; they practically do the cha-cha.

We're not just cooking up tomorrow's world in a pot of the same old stew; we're in a culinary extravaganza where knowledge is the spice and creativity is the chef's secret sauce. As the landscapes of our lives constantly get a facelift, we're the plucky designers, sketching blueprints with pens of possibility and rulers of reason.

To get in touch, write to aric [at] tempusmotu [dot] org

@ Aric Dromi | Futurologist, innovation strategist, philosopher and professional troublemaker.

Here. Take a cookie. I promise, by the time you\'re done eating it, you\'ll feel right as rain. 

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