A professional troublemaker


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  ― Winston S. Churchill

My mission is simple: to encourage society to question the narratives through which we experience our world, and to use that mass of critical thinking to enable conversations that will elicit the change that will better prepare humanity for the enormous challenges that lie ahead.

My work and research areas are designed to offer strategic insights with a focus on illustrating areas where technology, policy and societal partnerships will be necessary in order to respond to constant changes in our world.

My sessions are intended to provoke you to better understand your pain-points, eliminate or design friction, and strengthen your resilience and sustainability abilities across the organization and individually.

My keynotes help you shine a spotlight on your ability to THINK, and more importantly ACT differently.


“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.” - Vivian Greene

Sustainability and Resilience

In recent years the world has seen an increasing number of transformation-triggering events; from epidemics and pandemics, to the introduction of new technology and social norms. The accumulated impact of these events will disrupt every aspect of our societal and economic landscapes (both local and global). Managing these events as they come may well strain our ability to cope.

While most companies see sustainability & resilience in the context of profit, ignoring the reciprocal relationships between policy, society and technology, the unpredictability of market changes will eventually render their business models outdated and irrelevant. The United Nations Sustainability Development Goals must be more than a global glorified PowerPoint presentation. Companies must treat it as a vital resource and a robust set of guidelines, and from it, create adaptations to suit their own local markets.

Future of Work, Social Interactions, New economic models and everything in-between

Things are changing rapidly. 2019-2021 marked a turning point in the way we conduct business, interact with each other, consume, measure efficiency and productivity. A new norm has imprinted itself on our social fabric. But is it efficient?

From mobility and logistics to GDP and new business, what are the unresolved challenges and economic issues that can be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment and attention now, and in the future so this new reality can carry it’s true potential impact?

Trust, Privacy & Integrity (TPI)

In a world where everything needs to be anchored in data, and where data is used to engineer relationships, nudge behaviors and impact business and political outcomes, it’s more important than ever to make sure policymakers have the knowledge and tools required to ensure transparency, privacy and integrity.

We live in a world where consumers no longer look at or interpret data anymore – but rather consume the opinions of others. It’s the job of business and policymakers to secure a sustainable TPI frameworks. GDPR was a good start yet we can do more to drive better value for our data.


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