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“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.” - Vivian Greene

The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, challenging societies, governments, and organizations to keep pace.

“Survival of the fittest” does not necessarily mean being the fastest or the strongest, but rather being fit, agile and adjusted to your specific environment and time. This is as true for the individual as it is for business, governments, cities, and societies.

Since the invention of the axe, technology has been the force that paved the way for better and smarter social constructs. From Watt’s steam engine in 1775, sewage systems, elevators, and shipping containers, to screens, smartphones, processing power, and machine-learning, it’s the impact of technology which helps us to remove barriers and build new horizons. It’s the one functions that never stops: it continually reinvents itself and defines new potentials.

Over the past few years, a new wave of technologies has enveloped our world. Artificial Intelligence, robotics, genomics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, terotechnology, augmented and virtual reality enable business, consumers, and governments to re-examine and re-purpose every aspect of our social and financial interactions in real-time.

From Digital Twins to the cities we live in; from mobility, energy, and communication to new economic models – the ideas which form the basis of future societal and economic models must be anchored in new thinking.

I offer strategic advice at various levels to organizations and executives. This includes supporting critical missions and addressing the strategic challenges facing authorities and commercial organizations. I help design, implement and scale strategic opportunities and novel tactical options that tackle long-term systemic, systematic impact and transformational change.

My services, workshops and keynotes are intended to provoke you to better understand your pain-points, and designed to help you ideate, THINK, and more importantly ACT differently by providing you with the insights and intelligence you need to move forward, while strengthening your resilience and sustainability across the organization and individually.

Few client and event I had a pleasure working with

MasterCard | Government of Moscow | FT | IFC | Master and Robots | ICAN | CIO Forum Australia / Sweden) | Government of Kazakhstan  | Siemens | QRTECH | The World Bank | AIB | BoAML | Hyper Island | mobilityXlab | Volvo cars | Concawe | BIBA | Business Sweden | Hack for Sweden | CIP | EIG | ISF | International business school | GEO Forum | EON | 4Games Changers | Future Tense | Sofico | Telefónica | Tera Data |  EXMA Colombia | Swedish Institute | Center of Fine Arts, Brussels | Göteborg's University | Chalmers | IDG | Innovatum


Deliver strategic value at the right moment, to the right people, and help the organization to better create and drive impact transformation models that enable economic growth.

Things are changing rapidly. We have passed a turning point in the way we conduct business, interact with each other, consume, measure efficiency and productivity. A new norm has imprinted itself on our social fabric. But is it efficient?

In recent years the world has seen an increasing number of transformation-triggering events – from epidemics and pandemics, to the introduction of new technologies and social norms. The accumulated impact of these events will disrupt every aspect of our societal and economic landscapes (both local and global). Managing these events as they come may well strain our ability to cope

From mobility and logistics to GDP and new business, what are the unresolved challenges and economic issues that can be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment and attention now, and in the future, so this new reality can carry it’s true potential impact?

Keynote and workshops

  • The future of civilization - What does it mean to be human in a hybrid reality? What are the impacts of VR, AR, AI and deep tech on our cognitive and emotional functions? How can intelligence amplification drive our evolution?
  • The future of cities and urban structures - How can we bring policy, society and technology together and rethink the narratives of societal building blocks - mobility, logistics, energy and communication in cities and rural areas?
  • Social shifts and new economic models - How will automation and fast-tracking, shape the future of work and business? How can new models for localization and globalization help redesign our education system? and how can NFTs & digitization bring about new thinking for GDP?
  • Smarter innovation and monetization processes - How can you successfully design and drive growth and prosperity in the organization? How can you rethink your decision-making processes? How can you develop an environment that caters for organizational and individual creativity?


  • Strategic planing & due-diligence
  • Concepts and ideations
  • Innovation frameworks & delivery
  • Mentoring and advisory as a service
  • Systematic studies and benchmarking
  • Strategic policy design and implementation
  • Impact driven scouting


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